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Started from là ca khúc mở đầu nằm trong album 7220 (Deluxe) của chàng rapper người Mỹ Lil Durk, ra mắt vào ngày 22/06 vừa qua. Ca khúc nói về tuổi thơ nghèo khổ và nghiệt ngã của Lil cùng mối quan hệ đầy mâu thuẫn với bà nội của mình. Mời các bạn cùng thưởng thức MV và lời bài hát Started from. 

Bạn đang đọc: Lời bài hát Started From – Lil Durk | Started From Lyrics

1. MV Started from

2. Lời bài hát Started From 

You know, 7220, like my Grandma address
There’s like a whole story I wanna get off my chest, for real

Nuski stayed downstairs, the first floor under Granny crib
The streets gon’ be the streets, for sure, I know she hate me still
Blame my cousin, nights is cool, she lost her mama, she a lady, still
Granny got Alzheimer’s, but I can’t forget how she kept it real
(TouchofTrent be wylin’ with it)
And now she major good (Major good)
Before the opps, we was fightin’ niggas inside the neighborhood
Water bill was high as hell, I went next door to fill the jug
Laundromat was packed, I had to grab the soap and fill a tub
Three bedroom, it was eight people who lived with us
I hated school but my granny made me
I couldn’t disrespect her ’cause my granny raised me
The funeral home, they know me personally ’cause I gave ’em payments
The police department, they know you personally ’cause you gave ’em statements
I was seventeen, I was tryna take lil’ Law case for him
Daddy was doin’ life, I couldn’t sit outside and wait for him
School sports, I couldn’t really attend ’cause I couldn’t pay for ’em
See my Auntie Mil do it on her own, that’s why I pray for her
And I barely talked to my uncle, I’m talkin’ ’bout my mama brothers
And my daddy brother wasn’t here for us, but I still love him
And I love you, the only time I hurt you if you steal from me
I hate the way that lil’ bruh died, that’s why I feel for him
Yeah, them niggas know how shit’ll end every time they play with Varney
Took time for my first offense, I ain’t have a paid attorney
That’s why I ain’t never really pay attention every time they say they love me
And I was blind to the fact my mama said they was never for me
Like, how you gon’ tell me you broke when I seen you play wit’ money?
They counted me out, they ain’t even give a fuck, but I still love ’em
Can you tell my sister I got her back? I still love, love you
The way you say that shit on the keyboard, you gotta say it in public
I’m most hated, huh? But what you hate me for?
You ain’t even got no real reason, ’cause I ain’t gave you none
I kept my mouth closed for the same hoes tryna give me some’
And you better tuck your bread before they really come

3. Started from – Lyrics video

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